Carstensz Pyramid – 16,023 ft

Expected Summit- TBD

UPDATE: This summit will complete the Foreman 7 project! Originally planned to be #6, this summit had to be rescheduled. Brad and Sandy traveled to the area in anticipation of completing the climb only to be turned away due to tribal unrest in the area.

Don’t feel too bad for Brad and Sandy though. The photo below is the village they had to stay in until it was determined the climb needed to be rescheduled!

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Carstensz Pyramid is on the island of Papua and one of the 7 Summits.  Carstensz lies in the province of West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), a remote corner of Indonesia.

This is the highest peak in the Australasian continent and often the most difficult to gain access to of the seven summits. The climb itself involves fifth class rock climbing on a beautiful limestone summit ridge to gain the 16,023 foot/4,884 meter summit. Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak in the Surinam mountain range that transects the island and sits next to the glaciated Ngapulu Jaya. The views looking over the jungle and beyond to the blue Pacific Ocean from the summit of this mysterious mountain are a rare and very special experience.

This island is one of the most exotic and fascinating places left to travel in the world. The local people belong to many individual tribes, including the Dani tribe, where the men still wear the traditional penis gourd and little else.

The Carstensz Pyramid Route

The climb will take the original route up the North Face of Carstensz Pyramid, joining the summit ridge and proceeding to the summit. The climb is on wonderful, sharp limestone. Most of the climb is scrambling, but there are sections of moderate climbing up to 5.6 in difficulty. They will utilize fixed ropes on much of the route to gain the summit ridge, which will aid them on the descent, which involves numerous rappels to get off the route. The summit ridge is a beautiful, but exposed, knife-edge ridge with really interesting climbing.

The island is very rainy.

Access to Carstensz Pyramid can be very difficult and logistics are always challenging and complex. We have run numerous successful trips in recent years, but each expedition has provided unique access/logistical challenges.  Delays and last minute complications should be expected when choosing to travel to Papua, Indonesia and attempting to access this remote mountain. It is important to retain a “rigid state of flexibility” and remember that you are traveling in a true third world area where delays and the unexpected should be expected.  Getting to the mountain is often the biggest challenge of any Carstensz Pyramid expedition.